FLAT Class

One Of A Kind

A one of a kind WestSide creation, FLAT class comprises of four elements Flexibility, Leaps, Acro and Turns. 

Each class is taught by 3 Teachers with a strong emphasis on the dancers individual goals, personalities and abilities of all 4 elements. 

This unique class structure of 1 class / 3 teacher ratio highlights the main focus of individual progression and growth in a collective positive, encouraging and safe environment. 

We believe the knowledge and multifaceted skills learnt in FLAT enhance and amplify the well rounded dancer in and out of a Studio setting.

FLAT – a dynamic and progressive technique class is open to all dancers and levels ages 7+.  


Students who have attended our Flexibility Class have seen a huge improvement throughout the term in their overall Flexibility, it has shown to effectively increase range of motion in the joints while making students more aware of how their body works and the muscles they use. Flexibility is an important aspect of dance; it keeps the body agile and healthy. It releases tension developed during dance while maximising the strength of all joint movements. Stretching reduces the risk of injury during exercise because muscles are more pliable which in turn improves performance in dance.


Leaps are one of the greatest thrills in dance. Professional dancers appear to defy gravity as they soar through the air. Some people seem to have a natural ability for jumping, whereas some have to work at it a little harder. Most leaps in dance require tremendous strength and coordination to execute correctly. However, practice makes perfect.


Basic floor skills from gymnastics. Tumbling, aerials, handsprings, conditioning and strength are only a few of the exciting tricks and skills they will learn. Acro will also increase the dancers’ flexibility and height in jumps. A great add on class for any dancer that is looking to perfect these skills.


Turns are every dancers need to master as part of their foundation. Once you have learnt the fundamentals in turning you can increase your skills and add the number of rotations or combine the turns with other dance steps. All our classes are taught by trained professionals who ensure all Students are practicing these exercises in a safe and correct manner.