Pre-Professional Dance Education Program

Class Description

This class works at a fast pace, building strong technical dancers, while progressing to advanced choreography and enhancing each dancer’s performance/artistry skills in a pre-professional environment. This class is an outstanding opportunity for aspiring dancers. This class is 2.5/3 hours in duration and it includes Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Commercial and Jazz technique. This program trains dancers at an exhilarated pace, focusing on technique, alignment of body, artistry and musicality. Each student is closely monitored and evaluated in order to ensure growth and progression.

Pre-Professional Dance Company 2024 Staged Showcase is on May 30th


Junior Company aged 8-11 years. Junior Development Company aged 5-8 years. Intermediate Company aged 12+, Senior/Advanced Company aged 14-21 years. PDC class begins with a *ballet master-class. The PDC class, with master-class professional dance tutors, then focuses on the following styles:

  • Contemporary Techniques- including Graham, Cunningham and Limon
  • Lyrical
  • Commercial
  • Jazz Technique- including Matt Mattox

This class is committed to strengthening the dancer from the inside out Anatomy, dance composition, dance analysis, good nutrition, repertoire and variations.

Do it with Pride at WestSide

WestSide constantly achieve the highest level of training in Ireland for our Students. This class maintains the important fundamentals while continuing to adapt our teachings to this ever-changing industry. This is an exciting addition to WestSide that strives to continually advance the standard of Dance in Ireland.

Individual Feedback & Progress Reports

The highly trained professional dance tutors monitor each student’s individual progression in each dance discipline. Each student is allocated a Mentor, with whom they will meet during each term. This ensures they receive clear feedback from the tutors and to discuss their progress. WestSide are able to quickly understand Students Aspirations, Goals and Needs and work with them as a Team to create their individual path forwards.

The Upper WestSide

Many of WestSide’s Students wish to pursue a career in the performing arts, and Westside provide them with the best foundations which will springboard them into that world. The dancers are ground in technique and are given the building blocks to their own artistic development. This pre professional dance class will embrace and nurture individualism, self-expression and creativity.

Application Process

All applications are reviewed individually. We warmly welcome WestSide and non-WestSide Students alike. There will be an introductory class for all applicants to ensure they are suitable for this Dance Company. This is to ensure successful applicants possess the capabilities and maturity to progress in a high calibre dance-training environment. Please note: All dancers will be given personal guidance and advice on what best serves their personal needs for growth and progression as a dancer.

Application Details Available Here with introductory classes available for all applicants.

Thursday Schedule

  • Junior Development Company 4-6pm
  • Junior Company 4-6.30pm
  • Intermediate Company 5.30-8.30pm
  • Senior Company 6.30-9.30pm
  • Advanced Company 6.30-9.30pm
  • *Class schedule may be subject to change*

Fees: Hourly Rate €12.50, Invoiced in 10 Week Terms discounted by 20% for Students who attend other which must include either or