Search for Singers

Irish Women in Harmony search for talented tweens for their Christmas single Following their cover of The Cranberries' Dreams, Irish Women in Harmony are searching for singers aged 12 and under for their Christmas single. It started as a lockdown fundraiser for SAFE Ireland, bringing together voices including Ailbhe Reddy, Aimée, Áine Cahill, Allie Sherlock, Caroline Corr, Elaine Mai, Emma Langford, Erica Cody, Eve Belle, Faye O'Rourke (Soda Blonde),  Fia Moon, Imelda May,  Laoise, Lilla Vargen, Lisa Hannigan, Loah, Lyra, Melina...

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We Are Back

Exciting News WE ARE BACK Monday September 14th! Current WestSide Students Registration is NOW LIVE! Limited numbers! As a Family and as a Business we have done everything to help curb the spread of Covid-19 and we will continue to do our part. We have been obedient, patient and innovative to say the least but we are really looking forward to getting back to do what we do best. Welcome to Our New Home

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