FLAT Class

One Of A Kind A one of a kind WestSide creation, FLAT class comprises of four elements Flexibility, Leaps, Acro and Turns.  Book a Two-Week Trial Here Each class is taught by 3 Teachers with a strong emphasis on the dancers individual goals, personalities and abilities of all 4 elements.  This unique class structure of 1 class / 3 teacher ratio highlights the main focus of individual progression and growth in a collective positive, encouraging and safe environment.  We believe...

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Once Upon A Twist

Returning to The Helix is our trade mark show of two halves. Act 1 is a celebration of music from Broadway, The West End and the Silver Screen. In Act 2 its Snow Bright’s first day at The Fairy Tale Academy and she must choose where she belongs. While navigating the magical world with her new found friends she feels the wrath of Maleficent and her sidekicks. Soon they all learn, with a little help from The Fairy God Mother, if they...

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