Summer Courses 2023

Summer 2023 at Westside Performing Arts

Summer is coming and with it brings Season 3 of our groundbreaking Summer Program that is unparalleled in its originality and uniqueness PROJECT NEXT GENERATION. 

WestSide continue to trailblaze in the Performing Arts Education Industry in Ireland, and this Summer will be no exception to that.

Summer Ballet Intensive

This week’s intensive with Jack Furlong will be based around the Vaganova method of classical ballet; which is one of the most renowned ballet techniques in the world. It’s renowned for many reasons: the logical nature and progression of movements, the focus on port de bras and its relation to the rest of the body, and the strong, clean lines mixed with delicate, graceful expressiveness. The Vaganova method is valued because it produces strong dancers who have a thorough understanding of technique and the foundations of each movement.

During this week, students will work on intensive barre practice, and will have the chance and time to work on and learn more intensive grand adagios, grand pirouettes, and extensive centre work and jumps. Vaganova created the barre system that ballet dancers across the world now use, wherein each step builds upon the next—the legs progressively extend further in the air away from the body, and the upper body progressively bends further in all directions. This regimen has resulted in the muscles warming up gradually, avoiding injuries. 

Great emphasis will be placed on involving the whole body in each movement, from the legs and feet to the torso, arms, shoulders, and head placement, and the coordination that each of these elements have with executing ballet steps correctly. This is done to create sophisticated dancers with unique elegance, cleanliness, and strength. 

Furthermore, students will be given ample instruction and chance to use these classes as an artistic pursuit, with added work in pointe work, men’s technique, and partnering where applicable. BOOK HERE

Musical Theatre

Are you born to perform? Is the stage where you feel most at home? Musical Theatre week is for all Performers passionate to broaden their skill set and be inspired this Summer. Broadway and WestEnd repertoire and inspired classes will cover an array of dance styles including Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Commercial along with Vocals and Acting training. Learning not only performance skills but the importance of the invaluable partnership of dance and song as one, from ensemble singing to soloists, from scripted scenes to stage craft! Performers will tap into their triple threat abilities and no doubt excel in this all immersive Musical Theatre experience! BOOK HERE

Contemporary / Commercial Dance

Are you an aspiring contemporary or commercial dancer? Looking to expand and tap into your full potential ? Then we’ve got you sorted. Contemporary portion of the week will incorporate elements of modern dance pioneers through a blending of genres/styles. Along with floor work, travelling across space and exploring use of dynamics and phrases, dancers will hone improvisational skills and investigate movement through creative tasks. Our Commercial portion of the week will encompass many dance techniques including Hip Hop and Jazz, these fusion of styles will ensure each class is unique, challenging and allows for self expression. Commercial Choreography can be seen across many entertainment platforms including music videos, films, TV, musical theatre, concerts. You can expect to build confidence in these high energy classes! With our ever evolving Industry and need for the well rounded versatile dancer, this week is not to be missed! BOOK HERE

Preseason Training

Are you serious about Dance? We have cultivated the most beneficial, informative and invaluable week you do not want to miss! PRESEASON TRAINING THIS SUMMER AT WESTSIDE.This jam packed week will covering 

-Safe Strength and flexibility

-Kicks, leaps and turns Progressions

-Audition technique workshops

-Masterclasses in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Commercial, Lyrical, Latin, Hip Hip

-Goal and Intention Setting

-Nutrition for the Performer

-Mind your mind – introduction to Mindfulness

-Mind your Body – introduction to healthy habits

Do you want to start this next year off with your best foot forward? Invest in yourself and let us help you! BOOK HERE

Themed Week – Musicals & Movies

Do you have a budding performer? Do you want them to explore their talents while having fun and learning? Themed week is sure do to be inspiring and educational, campers will not only learn the soundtrack classics from the musical/movie but will also learn dance combinations along with learning the storyline and themes. A week of exploring, learning, making memories and friends in a safe and encouraging environment. Support your child by supporting what will no doubt could be a life long passion or hobby! BOOK HERE